Some information about fostering an animal

Common questions about fostering

  • What does Hope Canine Rescue provide for the foster parent?
  • Hope Canine Rescue provides all approved veterinary and medical care. We cover flea preventation, spay/neuter, all shots, heartworm preventative or treatment, and any other medical need the animal may need.
  • What does the foster parent provide to their foster?
  • Due to minimal donations given to rescues, our foster parents provide food for the animals in their care. This food is tax deductible, so long as they keep records of their purchases. The foster parent will also provide love, a safe place to stay, basic training, exercise and socialization.
  • How long are the animals in foster care?
  • The time that an animal is in foster care, varies greatly. Some animals are only in foster care for a few days to a few weeks, others may take several months before they find their forever home. The shape that an animal is in when it arrives into foster care will help to determine how long a dog may be in foster care.
  • What does it take to be a foster?
  • An application is required. Once an application is received, it is reviewed. If we feel that you are a good fit to be a foster parent, we will contact you.
  • Is a foster parent capable of adopting their foster?
  • Absolutely! Fosters are still required to fill out an adoption application, and all requirements for an adoption will still apply.
  • How do we get word out about the foster animal?
  • We rely heavily on social media. Places like our facebook page, petfinder, adoptapet, and other websites help to let potential adopters know that we have a foster animal needing a forever home. Adoption events are also planned. Word of mouth is a wonderful tool as well. Our fosters can put an "adopt me" bandana on their foster animal while in public or walking them so that others know that the dog is available for adoption.
  • Where will my foster animal go while I am on vacation?
  • The rescue is capable of helping to find foster sitting for our foster parents.
  • Are foster parents required to find our foster dog a home?
  • Absolutely not, but your help is needed. Post pictures, talk about the animal, let others know about the animal. Once someone is interested in adopting, you can hand them an adoption application or send them to our website, facebook page, or even give them our email address. If they are local to you, a home check done by the foster parent is helpful.
  • Can I return my foster animal to Hope Canine Rescue?
  • We prefer that our fosters provide care for their foster animal until a forever home is found. When a foster has to be returned to Hope Canine Rescue, it limits our ability to help others. Commitment is key here! We do understand emergencies may arise, and we suggest giving the rescue plenty of notice if you think you will no longer be able to provide care for the foster animal any longer.